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Our VSE services were launched in 2010 as a response to the numerous requests asking "can't you manage it for us?". We knew then, as we do now, organizations are constantly dealing with a shortage of IT security professionals. We also watched as our customers were constantly going through the staffing cycle of hiring, training, gaining experience, and then watching their trained security admin/staff move on to the next company...and this was happening in every industry and market. So, we altered our focus from product sales and emphasized our extensive hands-on expertise in helping customers manage their existing on-premise, cloud hosted, or hybrid endpoint security environments. Our engineers have more than just certifications, they have extensive real-world, hands-on experience you are looking for from your candidates. With engineering resources in key locations throughout the United States, London Security Solutions is ready to help you fill the security gap in your environment.

MDR/SOC services are offered through key partnerships who have dedicated 24x7 operations capable of handling any customer environment. From the small mom and pop shop, doctors' offices, medical organizations, all the up to global enterprise companies.  We can help and assist you with 24x7 coverage and response.

Virtual Security Engineering (VSE)

When the security administration hat is continuosly passed around and nobody actually owns it...your security suffers. We've seen it time and again where security features are disabled instead of being properly configured. Or perhaps your security admin has left and now you're relying on a non-security professional to manage things while you are looking for a qualified replacment. Look no further, we provide:

  • Agentless Access - We don't require you to add yet another agent.
  • Your Data Stays Put - No migration of anything into our NOC or SOC.
  • Flexibility - We can manage your on-premise, cloud hosted, or hybrid endpoint security solutions.
  • More Value From Your Existing Solutions - Most companies purchase a suite of products but only use a quarter of the capabilities and features. Let us help you get the most out of your investment by utilizing what you've already purchased.
  • Filling the IT Security Skills Gap - Our Virtual Security Engineers take care of the day-to-day administration and maintenance of your existing endpoint security solutions.
  • You Are In Full Control - Our VSE engineers connect in using your VPN. You control our access, when we can connect, where we can go, what we can do...just as you would a normal employee working remotely. Thus allowing you to escape the "staffing cycle" of recruiting, hiring, training, then losing your IT security personnel.
  • Proven Track Record - While other service providers are just starting their security practices, we have been successfully managing the seucurity for customer environments globally since 2010.

MDR/SOC Services

Enterprises can generate millions of log alerts everyday making the recognition and analysis of meaningful alerts in real-time a complicated and resource intensive challenge. Today, security teams are struggling to stay focused on managing resource bandwidth, finding security skillsets, and simply keeping the lights on.

But there’s a solution that can put you in control. Our partnership with key Security Operations Centers for security monitoring solutions which is managed by teams of certified security analysts offer the focus and expertise required to meet your objectives 24/7/365. That means peace of mind, and the time and resources needed to concentrate on keeping up with strategic innovative business demands. Our current partnerships provide the following service capabilities:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring, alerting & analysis by certified security analysts
  • 24/7 response actions by experienced security analysts...not just an automated response using AI/ML and rules like the others
  • Integrated business intelligence & analytics to make better business decisions
  • Asset classification & reporting
  • Threat intelligence
  • Monthly reporting
  • Easy integration with existing workflow products
  • Pre-built security & compliance reports
  • Identify & protect your enterprise against persistent and evolving threats 24/7/365
  • Ability to achieve log monitoring compliance requirements for industry regulations such as PCI DSS, GLBA, NERC, CIP, & HIPAA
Security Operations Center (SOC)