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Our Engineers help supplement your teams by applying their security expertise.

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A panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with Enterprise Security Magazine's editorial board vetted hundreds of MSSPs and shortlisted the ones they felt were at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology and solutions. London Security stood out as one of the top service providers with their Virtual Security Engineering service designed with answering the customer request of "can't you just manage it for us?". While everyone else was focused on shifting the customer environments to an MSP cloud, London Security offered to remotely administer the on-premise solutions. An absolutely brilliant idea for organizations who can't migrate their security to the cloud, or don't want to have to deal with migrating to and from a service provider's NOC/SOC.


SecurityGLOVE offers an additional layer of security.

Blackberry Protect

Security GLOVE

SecurityGLOVE works hand in glove with your security solutions and staff, adding layers of security that are managed independently from your security and IT staff. While independent in its features, deployment and management, SecurityGLOVE is designed to be operational and effective in a minimum amount of time.


SecurityPULSE offers a non-invasive solution to help.


Security PULSE

A MSP service designed to relieve your IT security teams from day-to-day management of endpoint security to focus on internal and external threats instead of maintaining the defenses. Remote probes, plug-ins, daemons, etc. are never used. All device management is completed through the administration or management console.


Effective security goes beyond handling simple detections.


Security SHADOW

SecuritySHADOW offers an additional layer of security – through detection and response management, acting ‘behind the scenes’ as your IT Security Organization’s shadow. SecuritySHADOW offers your business a 24/7/365 Remote SOC solution – which includes not only detection, but response and remediation.

Security Solution

We approach security as a process, not a product. It’s a way of doing business that helps your organization protect its investments, proactively identify and eliminate exposures, block attacks, manage compliance, and implement remediation strategies.


  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Application & Data Security
  • Mobile Security Solutions
  • Infrastructure Security Solutions
  • Physical Security Convergence and Analytics
  • Cloud Security Solutions

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  • We needed additional assistance with a migration project after the vendor professional services couldn't complete the project. They suggested we contact London Security because of their extensive hands-on experience. Thanks to their (London Security) level of knowledge and understanding, we still completed the project on time and under budget. When the vendor says "we don't know", your next call should be to London Security...they can help.

    Fred Custodio, Toshiba America Business Solutions

  • I would trust London Security engineers before I would trust anything from level 1 or 2 tech support directly from McAfee.
    I only wish our budget was bigger so we could get the full set of managed services. Then we might actually use more than a sliver of what our security investment is truly capable of.

    Angel Ramirez, Shultz Steel

  • We were introduced to London Security when our security admin was leaving. The vendor recommended LSS to assist us while we searched for a replacement. As does happen, we lost that headcount. Turns out London Security was actually less then the cost of an FTE so we extended their service.So glad we did that because they' weren't just able to assist with McAfee, they were able to help with the migration to and managmement of our Trend Micro solutions. They've proven time and again through their knowledge and experience that they are truly worth it.Anyone looking to fill an IT security headcount should definitely consider London Security and their Virtual Security Engineering services.


  • After months of working with McAfee support, our McAfee rep suggested we contact London Security. At first we thought it was unusaul for them to suggest an outside resource for a problem with their own solutions, but after 10 minutes on the phone, we quickly understood why. While support was focused on a problem with the product, London Security identified the issue was in the configuration of a policy. Literally took all of 15 minutes in total time for them to resolve an issue which support was working on for nearly three months.


  • We were fortunate enough to have London Security onsite performing a security assessment of our McAfee environment when the unthinkable happened...we had an outbreak.Even though it was out of scope, the London Security engineer stepped up and helped us to not only contain the outbreak but also verify no other departments, regions, or global locations were impacted. After containment, the London Security Engineer assisted with fine-tuning our policies and configurations so this wouldn't happen again.


  • The auditors used to have a field day with us, that is until we engaged London Security in assisting with the day-to-day management of our endopint security. Their fine-tuned policies stopped the auditors and their white hats cold! With the help of LSS we had the best audit results I can remember.With LSS handling our security I was finally able to focus on those other projects which kept getting pushed to the back burner.