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Endpoint Protection and Business Solutions


Security Pulse

Keep the heartbeat of your security solution going strong, so your team can focus on other needs.


Security Shadow

Shadow your IT and Security operations, with 24/7/365 SOC as a service, and more.

Security Glove

Security Glove

Wrap our customizable security offerings around your operations – add layers of protection.


After 12+ years serving Enterprise customers, London Security Solutions has custom-tailored a suite of solutions designed to lock down your enterprise and minimize the opportunity for compromise. Founder Dennis London, after nearly 30 years in the Information Security Industry, working with companies of all sizes and types, knows the key to cyber security success is not only installing a well-designed security solution that’s fit for purpose, but maintaining that solution and customizing it for your business on an ongoing basis. 

You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and never change the oil or rotate the tires, would you? And would you let just any mechanic work on it? Then why have you spent all that money on your security solution, only to leave it gathering dust in the garage? Do you think it is going to perform for you without the care and feeding it requires? The Ferrari won’t – and neither will your security solution.  Especially if your “mechanic” lacks the decades of experience and knowledge that we have.  The reality is – security solutions used to be pretty vanilla – a passenger sedan, perhaps.

But these days, you not only have the complexity and performance of a Ferrari, but a whole garage full of upscale solutions – all of which require ongoing care.  Without it, they simply will not perform.  London Security Solutions’ service offerings are designed to keep your “Ferrari” humming. 

SMB Solutions

It’s a fact: Small-to medium sized businesses have the same security needs as large enterprises – but not the same budgets.   Yet we’ve heard repeatedly from small- to medium-business owners that while “SMB Solution Providers” may give them budget-friendly solutions, they also get the “B Team” level of expertise – not the “A Team” level of service and expertise you want and need.  WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE ALL THAT. 

After 12 years serving up enterprise-level cyber security solutions, London Security Solutions has stepped in to fill the gap by providing the Enterprise-Level expertise tailored into a solution that’s SMB-friendly.

Our website’s not ready quite yet – but OUR SMB SOLUTIONS ARE “LIVE” NOW.  Schedule a call with us to find out how to secure your business today.  Got questions? Use the form on the right to give us a shout.  We’re here to help!