SecurityPULSE - supportive engineers that help manage your endpoint security

Ever said after a long day, "We don't have time for this!" when trying to resolve an endpoint security issue? Or perhaps you've spent hours on the phone with vendor support to resolve an issue when you ask them "can't you just manage it for us?" Well - you're not alone. SecurityPULSE provides remote management and administration of your endpoint security solutions. Whether your endpoint security is on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid offering – we can manage it for you.

Our engineers will handle the day-to-day administration, management and maintenance. We will fine-tune your configurations and policies, test and apply updates and patches, monitor the dashboard or console for events needing to be addressed, and unlike most vendor offered XDR solutions...we actually make the changes that need to occur (according to your change control policy of course) to keep that solution running the way it was designed to, the way that convinced you to purchase it in the first place.

A MSP service designed to relieve your IT security teams from day-to-day management of endpoint security to focus on internal and external threats instead of maintaining the defenses. Remote probes, plug-ins, daemons, etc. are never used. All device management is completed through the administration or management console. There are no external connections directly to your endpoints or other devices. We keep a finger on your security pulse to ensure a healthy heartbeat.

security pules

Why SecurityPULSE

  • No migration of existing technologies - We assist you with what you already own and is currently deployed in your environment.
  • Your Data Stays Put - No migration of any hardware, applications, or anything into our NOC or SOC.
  • Flexibility - We can manage your on-premise, cloud hosted, or hybrid endpoint security solutions.
  • Agent-less access - We’re one of the few service providers who don’t require the installation of yet another management agent in your environment. This removes the ability for an attacker to infiltrate any London Security system and gain access to your environment. Our unique approach not only limits the North-South traffic exposure, it also removes the East-West vulnerabilities other service providers are currently faced with.
  • Focused Delivery - We wear just one hat – Information Security – this is all we do, all day, every day. Leaving your IT resources to focus on other projects.
  • Experienced Staff - We have the specific knowledge and experience with multiple security vendors, in all types of businesses, large and small. Most job postings are asking for 3 to 5 years of hands-on experience but you'll most likely still have to train them. Our team is comprised of industry veterans who were hand-picked for their skills, abilities, and knowledge.
  • Troubleshooting - We provide Tier-1, 2 and even some Tier-3 level support in-house, and when the vendor does need to be contacted, we are the ones on the phone with them - not you. When new technologies or applications are introduced in your environment, we work with your team and those vendors to test and ensure any exclusions, exceptions, or required policy changes are made. No more disabling security features to get a new application to work. Yes! It happens more often than you think.
  • We’re there for you - We have a vested interest in sticking around! No worrying about vacations and sick leave – at London Security you have a primary and a secondary engineer assigned to you, plus full access to all London Security resources, connections, and knowledge-base.
  • Use Op-Ex, not Cap-Ex - Like other subscription services, you are paying in advance for the next month’s service. A majority of our customers tell us they use their Operational Expenditures budget, rather than their Capital Expenditures budget for our services, giving them more flexibility in their overall spending.
  • Economical - Our engineers are typically less than the cost of a fully loaded FTE.
  • Deep vendor relationships - When it comes to information security, we have history with most of the major vendors. Founder Dennis London has been in the industry since 1991 and has developed close relationships that our team leverages to your advantage when it comes to solving your problems. Especially when it comes to problem resolution.
  • Credibility - As a pioneer in managing customer on-premises solutions with our Virtual Security Engineers for 10 years now, in nearly every vertical, we’ve got references, and would be happy to provide them.
  • Disabled Veteran-Owned Business - Many customers appreciate supporting those who have served our country. Founder Dennis London served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps (1986-1994; Panama & Gulf War). He appreciates being able to continue serving, now as a business owner and employer.

How it works

  • We consult with you to learn about your environment and your specific needs. No two businesses are alike. This consultation is provided free of charge. It’s a conversation where we both learn whether working together is a good fit! If it is, we prepare a proposal for your review. Get on the calendar with LSS founder Dennis London to get the ball rolling.
  • Upon execution of the proposal and services agreement, the customer onboarding process begins.
  • You provide VPN access to your designated engineers for just the technologies we will be managing. You maintain complete control over access.
  • Your engineer’s daily, weekly, and monthly tasks are ticketed in our system. When they’re completed, you’re notified.
  • On a regular basis (at the frequency and to the person you specify), we’ll keep you informed of trends, patterns, and anything else we think we need to bring to your attention.
  • You can relax, knowing we are on the job taking care of your security endpoint solution.

Services Features

Security PULSE
LSS Security GLOVE
Initial/Periodic Tasks
Endpoint Suite Features review
Security architecture review
Assist - new security tech evaluations/demos
Strategic endpoint planning session
Mock incident tabletop drill(annually)
Deployment of new endpoint technologies
Daily Tasks (M-F)
Agent-less remote service delivery
Endpoint discovery (apps, plug-ins, etc)
Security policy configuration
Signature & policy configuration
Policy review
Policy testing
Status testing
Security policy updates, as needed
Administration (security patches & hotfixes)
Compatability review
Performance review
Follow client change control procedures
Best practices
Status reports
Log management
Service incident management
Detection & response solution
Root Cause & Impact Analysis
Remote SOC 24/7/365
Threat hunting
Incident response
"Unknown threat detection (Cisco umbrella)"
Integrated threat protection using AI (Blackberry Cylance)
Expert administration of Umbrella/Blackberry
Policy configuration changes
Review/report/alert client on trends/issues