SecurityPULSE offers a non-invasive solution to help
you manage devices

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Your helping hand in end point security

Security threats continue to be a constant challenge and end point security continues to be resource intense for it operations staff who have to manage an increasing number of remotely connected devices.

Offers a non-invasive solution to help you manage devices

A MSP service designed to relieve your IT security teams from day-to-day management of endpoint security to focus on internal and external threats instead of maintaining the defenses. Remote probes, plug-ins, daemons, etc. are never used. All device management is completed through the administration or management console. There are no external connections directly to your endpoints or other devices. We keep a finger on your security pulse to ensure a healthy heartbeat.

This takes the core MSP services of SecurityPULSE and enhances them with additional features if desired, including deployment and management of additional security solutions, assistance with compliance reviews & audits, incident fire drills, full-service management of on/off and software devices, and more.

Why Managed Endpoint?

Security risk management continues to be a challenge as many IT departments face the day-to-day burden of operating effectively in both “Defensive” and “Offensive” modes. Defensively, an organization maintains its existing security systems and builds processes to ensure solutions are up-to-date and performing effectively. On the offensive, organizations look for new vulnerabilities, implement compliance mandates, seek to understand new risks your organization faces, and review new technologies. All of this, on top of normal IT operations.

How Managed Services Help

SecurityPULSE is an endpoint security managed services solution that complements and enhances an existing IT & network operations team. SecurityPULSE manages an organization’s on/off devices and other endpoints, extending an existing security operation that complements any NOC or SOC. SecurityPULSE is agentless, so the day-to-day management is simply implemented, without risk of compromise.

The Benefits

SecurityPULSE complements existing security teams by managing the day-to-day tasks of endpoint security, keeping a finger on your security pulse to ensure a healthy heartbeat. We do not need to install any remote agents; instead, London Security uses a VPN to manage and maintain the endpoint security solutions. Maintenance and custom configurations are often the most labor-intensive activities that consume vital resources - resources which are better deployed on more effective internal threat management, cyber security, cloud security, wireless, or other projects.

The advantage of SecurityPULSE is an additional layer of security engineering expertise. With London Security, you gain our combined decades of experience and extra sets of eyes and ears to monitor your environment for Indicators of Compromise. We provide both proactive and reactive security to maintain the strong healthy heartbeat essential to organization security.

Services Features

Security PULSE +
(Engineering Services)
LSS Security GLOVE
(added layer-Cylance/Umbrella)
Initial/Periodic Tasks
Endpoint Suite Features review
Security architecture review
Assist - new security tech evaluations/demos
Strategic endpoint planning session
Mock incident tabletop drill(annually)
Deployment of new endpoint technologies
Daily Tasks (M-F)
Agent-less remote service delivery
Endpoint discovery (apps, plug-ins, etc)
Security policy configuration
Signature & policy configuration
Policy review
Policy testing
Status testing
Security policy updates, as needed
Administration (security patches & hotfixes)
Compatability review
Performance review
Follow client change control procedures
Best practices
Status reports
Log management
Service incident management
Detection & response solution
Root Cause & Impact Analysis
Remote SOC 24/7/365
Threat hunting
Incident response
"Unknown threat detection (Cisco umbrella)"
Integrated threat protection using AI (Blackberry Cylance)
Expert administration of Umbrella/Blackberry
Policy configuration changes
Review/report/alert client on trends/issues