SecurityGLOVE - London Security Solutions’ approach to Layered Security

SecurityGLOVE aims at enhancing your existing AV solutions with additional security technologies that will improve your security posture. Stop relying solely on one integrated security  technology to tell you that you are secure, utilize multiple layers in order to exponentially enhance your security posture.

Below are two examples of technologies SecurityGLOVE uses to improve your overall security.

BlackBerry Protect (formerly known as Cylance)

Typical Antivirus technologies use a signature-based model, which is reliant on capturing new viruses in the wild and creating a master list of malware for users to download. This makes it especially vulnerable to zero-day attacks and modern threats which can alter themselves too quickly for signature updates to catch. BlackBerry Protect, with its advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), is able to provide you protection from new viruses.

  • Advanced AI training - It uses cloud-based supercomputers and millions of examples of malicious programs to train a neural net, a kind of digital brain, to recognize threats and stop zero-day threats.
  • Download and Protect - When you purchase BlackBerry Protect, you download a super lightweight ‘brain’ onto your computer, trained to catch and quarantine viruses.
  • Detection in milliseconds - BlackBerry Protect sits in the background, instantly recognizing threats the moment they occur and reacting in milliseconds - unlike other anti-virus software which must constantly scan for threats.
  • Complete protection - AI quarantines files it identifies as threats, allowing you to review individual threats on a given computer; stopping Ransomware in its tracks.
  • Eliminate Signatures – No interruptions for signature updates or slow scans.

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-delivered service that provides the most secure, reliable, and fastest internet experience to more than 20 thousand customers daily. As more organizations embrace direct internet access, Umbrella makes it easy to extend protection to roaming users and branch offices. Its features include:

  • DNS-layer security - DNS-layer security provides the fastest, easiest way to improve your security
  • Cloud access security broker - Umbrella exposes shadow IT by providing the ability to detect and report on cloud applications in use across your organization.
  • Interactive threat intelligence – Umbrella’s unique view of the internet gives unprecedented insight into malicious domains, IPs, and URLs.
  • Integration with SDWAN - The Umbrella and Cisco SD‑WAN integration deploys easily across your network for powerful cloud security and protection against internet threats.

Services Features

Security PULSE
Security SHADOW
Security GLOVE
Initial/Periodic Tasks
Endpoint Suite Features reviews
Security architecture review
Assist - new security tech evaluations/demos
Strategic endpoint planning session
Mock incident tabletop drill(annually)
Deployment of new endpoint technologies
Daily Tasks (M-F)
Agent-less remote service delivery
Endpoint discovery (apps, plug-ins, etc)
Security policy configuration
Signature & behaviour analysis
Policy review
Policy testing
Status testing
Security policy updates, as needed
Administration (security patches & hotfixes)
Compatability review
Performance review
Follow client change control procedures
Best practices
Status reports
Log management
Service incident management
Detection & response solution
Root cause & impact analysis
Remote SOC 24/7/365
Threat hunting
Incident response
"Unknown threat detection (Cisco Umbrella)"
Integrated threat protection using AI (Blackberry Cylance)
Expert administration of Umbrella/Blackberry
Policy configuration changes
Review/report/alert client on trends/issues