Predict and prevent attacks before they happen

Umbrella provides a cloud-delivered network security service that delivers automated protection against advanced attacks for any device, anywhere.

Malware and breach protection

We deliver security at the DNS layer, using the Internet’s existing infrastructure, to keep malware from compromising your systems and to stop botnets or phishing from exfiltrating your data.

Security visibility

In seconds, our cloud platform displays your global activity from all locations. Instantly, identify targeted attacks by comparing your activity—over any port, protocol, or app—to the rest of the world.

Predictive intelligence

Leverage our up-to-the-minute view and analysis of 3% of the world’s Internet activity to stay ahead of attacks. Enhance your threat intelligence by seeing where attacks are being staged on the Internet.

It just works

By just pointing DNS to us, security is simple to deploy. By enforcing security in the cloud, Umbrella is easy to manage. No hardware to install. No software to maintain. Nothing you need to update.

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